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Journal of International Management 
<> 	Journal 
of International Management 

Volume 17, Issue 1 
Pages 1-96 (March 2011)

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	1. 	**Editorial Board* 

/Page IFC/


*  Articles*

	2. 	**Toward a perspective of cultural friction in international 
Original Research Article

/Pages 1-14/
Yadong Luo, Oded Shenkar


	3. 	**Exploiting the liability of foreignness: Why do service firms 
exploit foreign affiliate networks at home?* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 15-29/
Dirk Michael Boehe


	4. 	**The representation of cultures in international and cross 
cultural management: Hybridizations of management cultures in Thailand 
and Israel* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 30-41/
Baruch Shimoni


	5. 	**Home base-compensating R&D: Indicators, public policy, and 
ramifications for multinational firms* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 42-53/
Mark Lehrer, Kazuhiro Asakawa, Michael Behnam


	6. 	**Moderating effects on the compensation gap between locals and 
expatriates in China: A multi-level analysis* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 54-67/
Kwok Leung, Zhongming Wang, Alice H.Y. Hon


	7. 	**Institutional distance and the internationalization process: The 
case of mobile operators* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 68-82/
Nicolai Pogrebnyakov, Carleen F. Maitland


	8. 	**The internationalization and performance of a firm: Moderating 
effect of a firm's behavior* 
Original Research Article

/Pages 83-95/
Wen-Ting Lin, Yunshi Liu, Kuei-Yang Cheng


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