Journal of International Marketing Special Issue

Global Marketing Managers: Addressing Challenges Posed by the Changing Global Economy

Global marketing managers are at the heart of effective strategy execution. Unfortunately, limited research exists to understand the skills, knowledge and strategies that make managers effective, most notably as they face new challenges brought forth by the changing global economy.

The global economic crisis has highlighted the importance of managerial skills in re-balancing the global economy. For example, how does one pursue increased output in consumption-driven economies coupled with the pursuit of consumption stimulation in export-oriented economies. These changes require new skills, knowledge and roles of global marketing managers.

Similarly, the changes in the global economy may create a need to rethink managerial approaches to issues such as risk, profit, competition, and ownership For instance, (1) whereas managers were traditionally willing to trade-off risk for return, in today's global economy managers may work to avoid risk regardless of return, (2) how have global marketing managers re-adjusted strategies as profits are exposed to selective taxation? (3) how have global marketing managers adjusted newly evolving competitive conditions? and (4) how do global marketing managers adapt strategies to compete against new, government directed competitors?

Manuscripts may be conceptual or empirical. All manuscripts should have direct practitioner relevance.

Topics could include, but are not limited to:

 *   Global marketing manager strategies for assessing and addressing the re-balancing of the global economy
 *   Global marketing manager efforts for cross-boarder strategy integration in relation to the re-balancing of the global economy
 *   Global marketing manager employment of technology for coordinating cross-country strategies in changing times
 *   The changing role and responsibilities of global marketing managers
 *   Global marketing manager perspectives and approaches to the re-positioning of issues in the new global economy
 *   Identification of the skills making global marketing managers effective
 *   Psychological characteristics of effective global marketing managers in changing times
 *   Judgment and decision making aspects of global marketing managers
 *   Strategies for developing and retaining effective global marketing managers
 *   The influence of the organization on the effectiveness of global marketing managers
 *   Executive Insight articles pertaining to global marketing managers
 *   Case studies of the challenges faced by global marketing managers and strategies for effectively overcoming these challenges

Deadline for Submission: February 11, 2011.

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All manuscripts will be entered into the review process beginning February 11, 2011.

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