In Pursuit of Quality in Strategy Research:

A Paper Development Workshop

The Strategy Research Initiative in association with Administrative Science Quarterly

June 3-4, 2011

Annapolis, Maryland


The Strategy Research Initiative (SRI) is a cross-disciplinary group organized to coordinate activities that promote high-quality strategy research. In a recent editorial (Oxley et al, 2010)1, the group presents a set of criteria for evaluating high quality research; these include theory that is unambiguous, rigorously derived (typically, formal), consistent with the core drivers of the phenomenon under investigation and measurable; and transparent empirical work that lays out stylized facts or tests extant theory using empirical designs and methods that generate valid inferences. Based on the belief that modern theory development and advanced empirical methods require full-length papers to elaborate, the SRI also advocates a deeper specialization of papers along the theoretical-empirical divide.


Administrative Science Quarterly is a top-tier journal that has been on the cutting-edge of organizational studies since the field began. ASQ explicitly seeks to promote high quality interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical work across a wide range of perspectives and styles. Given the clear intersection with SRI's objectives, the ASQ editorial board and the members of SRI are jointly sponsoring a two-day paper development workshop that will encourage the development of high quality work in strategy that would be of interest to the readership of ASQ.


For this workshop we seek a group of 20-30 promising young strategy scholars who wish to push their work further in either an empirical or a theoretical direction. During these two days participants will workshop their high-quality almost-journal-submission-ready working papers to strengthen their contributions by focusing and deepening the paper in a theoretical or empirical direction. ASQ editorial board members and SRI faculty (that include both theoretical and empirical specialists) will jointly lead and facilitate the workshop. We will provide technical assistance and practical advice to authors in small groups organized around common perspectives, methods or styles.


The goal of this workshop is to allow scholars to attract quality feedback to: (i) significantly increase the future impact of current working papers; and (ii) then develop concrete plans for follow-on projects that will advance a set of meaningful research questions identified during the workshop.


Faculty who plan to serve as facilitators include Phil Anderson (INSEAD), Ramon Casadesus-Masanell (Harvard), Witold Henisz (Wharton), David Hsu (Wharton), Anne Marie Knott (Washington U.), Joanne Oxley (Toronto), Hayagreeva Rao (Stanford), Peter Roberts (Emory), Elaine Romanelli (Georgetown), Michael Ryall (Toronto), Rachelle Sampson (Maryland), Nicolaj Siggelkow (Wharton), and Brian Silverman (Toronto).


Submission Guidelines

Individuals interested in participating in this intensive two-day workshop should submit the following materials in electronic form to Brian Silverman at [log in to unmask] by April 15, 2011:

1. A current CV

2. A copy of the working paper that is to be workshopped

3. A 1-2 page application letter that (a) indicates how the submitted paper might be refined or developed; and then (b) briefly describes how the submitted paper fits into a broader research agenda.


The workshop will take place in Annapolis, Maryland. Participants will be responsible for covering their own costs of travel and hotel accommodations. A small registration fee (to be determined) will be charged to cover the costs of meals and conference room rental.


1 J. Oxley, J. Rivkin, M. Ryall, & The Strategy Research Initiative, “The Strategy Research Initiative: Recognizing and Encouraging High-quality Research in Strategy,” Strategic Organization, November 2010.


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