Dear Members of UNCTAD's World Investment Network, 

It is my pleasure to share with you UNCTAD's latest Investment Policy 
Monitor, released today. The Monitor reveals the most recent investment 
policy trends, and calls for proactive and effective investment policy 

UNCTAD Investment Policy Monitor shows an ongoing trend of liberalizing 
and facilitating foreign investment.  At the same time, the rebalancing of 
rights and obligations of private investors vis-à-vis the State continues. 
This development manifests itself in stronger regulation of various 
industries, and an increase in State ownership and control in areas of 
strategic importance. 

UNCTAD Investment Policy Monitor is a quarterly publication that provides 
the international investment community with country-specific, up-to-date 
information about the latest developments in foreign investment policies, 
both at the national and international level. During the period under 
review in this Monitor (1 October 2010–15 January 2011), at least 27 
countries introduced new national investment policy measures. At the 
international level, 58 economies concluded 32 new international 
investment agreements (IIAs), including 23 double taxation treaties, five 
bilateral investment treaties and four other IIAs. 

Proactive and effective investment policymaking is increasingly important 
in light of today’s global investment trends. While industrial production 
and trade have recovered to the pre-crisis levels, foreign investment and 
employment are lagging behind. Policymakers need to identify means of 
encouraging private investment so as to sustain economic recovery in the 
years to come. 

Best regards,
James Zhan
Division on Investment and Enterprise