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Date: December 2, 2010 7:46:19 PM GMT-05:00
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Subject: Re: Michorganic listserve

Dear Vickie,

Apology was not necessary, but I accept it with my apology as well for losing my temper.  

I doubt you know the anger most organic growers have when anything about Monsanto appears when presented as this was, showing off their product, which is in no way organic (there are published reports that companies like Monsanto are trying to get GM products allowed under organic certification).  

Were that post regarding ways to help the many organic farmers who have been or are facing lawsuits from Monsanto due to their products pollen contaminating organic crops (when farmers save seed containing Monsanto genes they sue the farmer even though the contamination is not the saving farmers fault, example, Percy Schmeiser and others).  Or, how farmers like myself could fight the intrusion from Monsanto's private investigators (yes, they visited my farm due to a letter I sent, attached below), the post would have been applauded.  

An advertisement including  a video clip of a non-organic  product simply is a non fit with the list.  Someone did not do their homework on what they were including to the list , which makes posting suspect when one understands much of a University funding comes from companies like Monsanto.

Monsanto and other companies who have a primary focus on round up ready, chemical based, genetically modified crops, simply do not have a place on any organic grower list.  It confuses newer growers into believing a genetically modified product may be allowed under organic rules.  

I know you did not intend anything by your posting this advertisement, however,  you need to understand some topics and companies are not compatible with organiclistserv...period.

Thanks for taking the time to write a response.  

With warmest regards,

Don Dunklee
Organic Grower
Davison, Michigan


Don is sending a similar warning to all the major biotech corporations

 Dear Monsanto, Subsidiaries, Users, etc,

 It should be considered a noble cause that your company, its  subsideries, and individuals, are working toward improving  agricultural practices for the benefit of mankind. One of  the methods, specifically, the genetic manipilation of  living organisms is, in the opinion of this writer, beyond  the authority of any company, its subsideries, or  individuals to claim any patent or product rights to.

 However, since your company is claiming product [and patent] rights to  certain GMO practices and or products, you also have to  accept responsibility (product liability) for any resulting  consequences, whether intentional or not, for your  purposeful manipulation of the use and control of the  original product.

 Your intentional genetic manipulation of natural living  organisms results in a change not intended in the "original  product". Your claim to this "product" also gives you all  potential liabilities now, and in the future.

 The intent of this notice is to inform you that the Dunklee  Family Farm, located at 11202 E. Carpenter road, Davison,  Michigan, is registered with the State of Michigan as a "no  spray"  organic vegetable farm. Contamination of  this farm by any of your "products", methods, or practices  leaves you, your subsidaries, individuals, and users of your  products responsible for correcting any and all problems  created, whether intentional or not.

 Your organizations choice to practice GMO manipulation makes  it your responsibility to insure the "products" you have  altered and claim rights to do not enter the physical, legal  boundaries of this farm by any delivery method, man made or  natural. After all, you claim "control" of your product(s).

 Your compliance to this simple request is most appreciated.  Lack of your genetic markers in the biodiverse products[organisms] on  this farm will show your compliance to this request.


 Donald D. Dunklee

 don dunklee
 organic grower
 davison michigan.
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"Almost everything scientists are trying to achieve by genetically modifying crops can be achieved in other less risky ways. Whether the problem is pest or weed control, drought tolerance, yield or nutrition, there are countless, though poorly supported, farming methods that can be used before needing to open pandora's box of genetic tricks. GM advocates seem only to have discovered the cause of poverty eradication now that they have something to sell." - Andrew Simms,2763,1011888,00.html
World hunger needs a simple solution rather than hi-tech GM food
On Dec 2, 2010, at 11:56 AM, Morrone, Vicki wrote:

Dear Mr. Dunklee,
As the facilitator of the Michigan organic listserv, and member of the C.S. Mott Group at Michigan State University (not the foundation) I would like to apologize for your unhappiness about the information I shared on the listserv about Monsanto. This was not intended as a promotion for their products or business but as a FYI to the reading audience. The purpose of this listserv is to share information that may impact organic production, organic markets and especially organic farmers.  I share a wide variety of information not to promote a business but merely to let the readers know what is happening in our world that may impact (for good or bad) our organic farmers. So if there is information that you do not like or agree with, perhaps you can use the listserv as an  informational source to guide you in your actions to the company, business or organization that is doing things that you see as inappropriate.
Very Sincerely,
Vicki Morrone
C. S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems
Outreach Specialist for Organic Vegetable and Field Crops
303 Natural Resources
East Lansing, MI 48824
517-353-3542/517-282-3557 (cell)
517-353-3834 (Fax)

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