Dear Colleagues,

Are you interested in teaching and learning about geologic time, and  
in discussing the cognitive aspects of understanding deep time with  
like-minded people? Would you like to better understand the challenges  
your students struggle with as they learn about geologic time? From  
January to May, 2011, the Temporal Learning Journal Club will meet  
once a month, virtually, to discuss readings from the geoscience and  
cognitive science literature. We will explore the cognitive  
underpinnings of understanding geologic time, along with strategies  
and methods to enhance student learning about time. To facilitate a  
deep exploration of this topic, we will run the meetings as a series,  
with participants committing to all five meetings if possible.

I encourage you to apply to be part of this group, and to pass this  
invitation along to others you know who might be interested. For more  
details about discussion themes, potential readings, and meeting dates  
and times, see the website:

or go directly to the application form:

The Temporal Learning Journal Club is part of the On the Cutting Edge  
program for geoscience faculty professional development. The outcomes  
of these discussions will help provide a foundation for continuing  
work on teaching and learning about geologic time. The application  
deadline is this coming Monday, December 6. I hope you will consider  
joining us.

Carol Ormand, on behalf of the conveners:
Cathy Manduca, SERC, Carleton College
David Mogk, Earth Sciences, Montana State University
Tim Shipley, Psychology, Temple University