Hi organic growers,

The site below, GM Watch,  has a lot of information regarding  
problems around the world, many caused by our own country and large  
corporations.  I suggest signing up as a trial and  see what is  
happening in the real world.  You can sign up for daily, weekly and  
monthly info.  This is a non profit based in England.  Jonathan  
Matthews and Claire Robinson work very hard to educate the world.  We  
are responsible for this tiny planet.  All of us.

This also gives a bit of perspective of who the players of this very  
dangerous GM game are.

Don Dunklee

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> Subject: GMW: Tell USDA to say no to GM beets
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> COMMENT from Phil Bereano: We are NOT ready for Roundup Ready  
> Beets, and we all need to tell the US government that. Those of you  
> from other countries, please send in as well--(1) you will be  
> getting exports filled with GE sugars and (2) Monsanto will soon be  
> knocking on the door of your country's regulatory agency. Remember  
> that there is no government assessment of these GE crops in the US,  
> and the process/information is not transparent.
> Please circulate this to your networks.
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> USDA Proposing Interim Planting of Illegal, Genetically Engineered  
> Sugar Beets: Tell USDA To Say No!
> Center for Food Safety, November 19 2010
> of-illegal-genetically-engineered-sugar-beets-tell-usda-to-say-no/
> In August, a Federal court ruled that USDA's approval of  
> genetically engineered (GE), Roundup Ready sugar beets was  
> unlawful, concluding that USDA had failed to conduct an adequate  
> analysis of the impacts of this crop on farmers and the  
> environment, such as the biological contamination of non-GE crops  
> with GE pollen.	The Court made the biotech beets once again illegal  
> to plant or sell until USDA completed a rigorous review of the  
> potential impacts of the beets to farmers, the environment and the  
> public and makes a new decision whether to allow commercialization.  
> USDA anticipates this assessment will be finished in 2012.
> Now, under pressure from Monsanto and the sugar industry, USDA has  
> proposed to allow the planting of GE beets again beginning next  
> spring, before the agency completes its environmental assessment of  
> the crop’s impacts.
> This USDA proposal would allow commercialization to continue under  
> the guise of field trial permits, which are only used for research.  
> USDA's actions are a "de facto" commercialization creating an end  
> run around the need for future approvals and their analyses.
> The USDA proposal includes new measures, claiming these will keep  
> harms to farmers and the environment from occurring.	But these are  
> the same measures that the Federal Court refused to adopt in August  
> when it announced GE beets were illegal under federal law. And they  
> are the same measures the agency was charged with analyzing in its  
> yet to be completed environmental impact statement.
> USDA, under the influence of the biotech industry, must not be  
> allowed to circumvent environmental law and the opinion of the U.S.  
> courts, or ignore farmer choice and public opinion. Tell USDA its  
> illegal proposal must not be approved!
> USDA has a comment period open only through December 6, 2010, so  
> please send your comment today: 
> Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=349
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