Thank you Renee, but I do not have the time available to protect my  
seed base from the likes of genetically modified organisms.  I have  
already given up on corn.  Now I have to worry about every other seed  
vegetable as well.  No crop is safe anymore.  I work 60 hours a week  
off farm to pay for my farm exenses, as well as operating my farm in  
my off time.   I should not have to take extraordinary measures to  
protect my crops from the likes of any of the GM companies.  They  
obviously have no concern for anyone but themselves.  Sad to see so  
much apathy, or lets look the other way, attitude.  How can any farm  
bills helping organic agriculture possibly ever pass with so much of  
this attitude.

This November message was an advertisement, not information.

Makes you wonder who on this list is truly "organic" in philosophy  
AND practice, and who cheats to take advantage of the marketing  
name.  No different than Monsanto, or other greedy  
corporations........Guess I am born in the wrong decade.  Absolutely  
opposed to any company that seeks out lawsuits against small farmers  
and offers no protection for organic growers from their "products" as  
a matter of business practice.  Monsanto is such a company.  I am  
fast in my position there is no place on an organic list  promoting  
any corporation that behaves in this manner.
Very disappointed.

Guess it is time to find a more reliable resource.

Best to all.

Don Dunklee

On Nov 20, 2010, at 8:11 PM, Ryan Eby wrote:

> Thank you Vicki (and Trevor, Craig, Danielle) for the replies to this
> thread. I am one that looks forward to seeing the information shared
> on this list, including things I disagree with or would do
> differently. The organic industry is well diversified in both product
> and philosophy. Knowing what is occurring allows reaction, education
> and marketing. While monsanto and organic may seem like something that
> shouldn't belong in the same email, with purchases of seed providers
> like seminis (which it appears this variety will be marketed under)
> even "respectable organic growers" can find themselves being customers
> of monsanto and others rather quickly. Another reason to stay
> informed.
> I did find the video to be mostly marketing and of little substance
> (difficulty finding papers on the variety other than trials) but I
> also felt that way about recent postings about certain organic
> seminars. Despite all that, I personally look forward to a continued
> varied list with things that are both informative and sometimes
> inspiration for action.
> Ryan Eby
> On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 4:49 PM, Morrone, Vicki <[log in to unmask]>  
> wrote:
>> Those concerned and very upset as voiced on the Organic listserv  
>> are that
>> way because of this info. That is JUST what this is, info that is  
>> available
>> and we want to SHARE it with you so you can react. We are NOT  
>> promoting any
>> companies, Monsanto or otherwise!! If you donít like a news item  
>> that we
>> share, donít blame us but use this info to get the facts of what is
>> happening and do something about it.  Danielle is sharing info  
>> from public
>> sources, MSU or the Organic Center are NOT promoting this seed or  
>> any other
>> seed. So please take your energy to make change, not just  
>> screaming at
>> print!
>> Note this web site is NOT sponsored by ANY company or industry.  
>> This is a
>> component of MSUE extension outreach.
>> I respect each readers thoughts and know we all need to vent but  
>> also use
>> this knowledge to work together to make changes for the better.
>> Respectfully
>> Vicki Morrone
>> --
>> Organic Farming Outreach Specialist
>> C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems
>> 303 Natural Resources Bldg
>> East Lansing, MI 48824
>> 517-282-3557/517-355-3542(office)
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