Those concerned and very upset as voiced on the Organic listserv are that way because of this info. That is JUST what this is, info that is available and we want to SHARE it with you so you can react. We are NOT promoting any companies, Monsanto or otherwise!! If you donít like a news item that we share, donít blame us but use this info to get the facts of what is happening and do something about it.  Danielle is sharing info from public sources, MSU or the Organic Center are NOT promoting this seed or any other seed. So please take your energy to make change, not just screaming at print!
Note this web site is NOT sponsored by ANY company or industry. This is a component of MSUE extension outreach.
I respect each readers thoughts and know we all need to vent but also use this knowledge to work together to make changes for the better.
Vicki Morrone

Organic Farming Outreach Specialist
C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems
303 Natural Resources Bldg
East Lansing, MI 48824

On 11/19/10 7:55 PM, "Craig Harris" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

i would suggest that we shift our concern away from ms. craft and direct our concern toward the issues that underlie the strong responses to the november listserv news . . .

it seems to me that one issue is what different organic groups want the word ?organic? to mean . . .
some organic groups want ?organic? to mean the usda/nop definition . . . in this case, there is nothing in the current federal rules and regulations that says that seeds from monsanto cannot qualify as organic . . .
other organic groups want ?organic? to mean less industrialized, more local, smaller scale . . . in this case, i think the discussion on this listserv would be benefited by people saying clearly ?here is what i want organic to mean, and here is why monsanto? does not fit into that definition . . .
while monsanto has come to represent all that some people see as bad about large scale highly industrialized agriculture, monsanto is just one of a number of global corporations that implement the highly industrialized agrifood system . . . i think it would help the discussion on this listserv if some of the participants could make clear what it is that makes those corporations different from other corporations whose involvement in organic food and agriculture is accepted . . .


craig harris

craig k harris
department of sociology
michigan agricultural experiment station
national food safety and toxicology center
institute for food and agricultural standards
michigan state university <>
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I agree.  The words "Organic"  and "Monsanto" on the same page is appaulling!!   COME ON MSU.... are they really that big of a research $$$$$$  patron at the college!!!!    Don't insult us this way!!    MONSANTO. DUPONT, BURPEE....ADM, etc.   Save that marketing stuff for the junk mail.   DOn't fill my box with ANYTHING produced by those companies.  PLEASEEEEEEEEEE
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Dear Danielle,

Why on earth would you even consider a seed from Monsanto for organic production??  Why add to this list?  Appalling.  Probably the most anti organic company in the world.  Is this site funded by Monsanto in the background through the university?  Just who are you working for to add this to the site??

Don Dunklee

On Nov 19, 2010, at 5:08 PM, Danielle Craft wrote:

Michigan Organic
November 19, 2010


New Processing Tomato Variety From Monsanto

A new processing tomato variety from Monsanto Vegetable Seeds ( has nematode resistance. Check out a video about this new tomatoes variety at


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