Thanks for the heads up. I see that the Central Washington University Web site describes the screening as closing last March and the position as beginning last month. Do you know if this is an unfilled position that they have re-opened the search for? (I know -- I should call CWU to find out for sure.)
PS I have seen you speak a couple times at national or Cordilleran meetings and have spoken with you once, though I would not expect you to remember! Partly because my community college district includes the Colville Confederated Tribes and Reservation, and partly because of my own interests in how people relate to the earth, some of your work in multi-cultural education has been of particular interest to me.
Ralph Dawes, Ph.D.
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Subject: Earth Science Education position

Dear Friends,

A grad student of mine is looking to help get this out to suitable applicants (its a joint education/science position at her alma mater, CWU).  Kindly forward as you see fit.


Richard Aster
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Subject: Earth Science Education position

Hi Rick,

The position is at the assistant/associate professor level, full time, joint appointment between Geological Sciences and the Science Education departments.

Job/application link:

Printer/eye friendly version:

The Earth Science Education position is also usually involved with the K-12 WATERS grant project:


Holly M M Rotman
Ph.D. Student-Geophysics
Earth & Environmental Sciences
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
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