From: Alison Stokes <[log in to unmask]>
Date: October 27, 2010 6:30:03 AM GMT-04:00
Subject: RE: Geoscience reliance on fieldwork


You might be interested in a project being run by the Open University  
in the UK which provides remote access to fieldwork: 
. The project was initially set up to provide fieldwork opportunities  
for mobility-impaired students, but the method and equipment that the  
OU have developed has the potential to enhance access for mobility- 
impaired and able-bodied students across a range of contexts, e.g. to  
inaccessible, risky, or protected sites. The great thing about this  
approach is that it enables students to interact with the field site  
in real time and so to ‘participate’ in fieldwork, albeit from a  
distance. I worked with the project team earlier this summer to  
evaluate and compare the learning experiences of a group of students  
carrying out fieldwork at a field site, and a group participating  
remotely using this equipment. We found no significant difference in  
task performance between the different groups, i.e. in their abilities  
to meet pre-defined learning objectives. What differed,  
unsurprisingly, were their affective responses to the different types  
of fieldwork.

I’ll be at GSA if you want to know more!


Dr Alison Stokes
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Subject: Re: Geoscience reliance on fieldwork