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The Imagine Fund

Advancing Diversity in Higher Education



 Dear Friend of the Imagine Fund, 

Welcome to The Imagine Fund! You are receiving this email from a close
friend of IFund who would like to introduce you to our state-wide

As a scholarship granting non-profit, our mission is to ensure access
and increase equal opportunity in higher education.  The Imagine Fund
promotes attainment of a college degree through scholarship awards to
students, particularly Black and Latino, who are academically qualified
and economically challenged and who attend Michigan's public

We invite you to learn more about us and to support our cause.  Perhaps
these statistics will peak your interest in The Imagine Fund...


Did you know?


Only 24% of Michigan residents 25 years and over have completed a
bachelor's degree or higher(Lumina Foundation). 


Michigan seeks to increase its college going rate from 34% to 60% by
2025 (Lumina Foundation).


Only 13% of Black and 13% of Latinos overall have a bachelor' s degrees
(U.S. Census Bureau 2000).

Comparing the graduation rates from

Michigan's 15 public universities, underrepresented

minorities experience a 20 percent lower rate than Whites

(The Education Trust, College Results

Online 2010 - Comparison chart by race and

gender of Michigan15 public universities).


One barrier to attaining a college degree is affordability.  As a
statewide organization, our unique niche is providing scholarships to
students who are academically qualified but have been traditionally
disenfranchised...and are even more so due to passage of Proposal
2006-2.  We are confident that IFund scholarships will change the lives
of the student recipients and move our entire state forward, one college
graduate at a time.


We will continue sharing important pieces of information about higher
education in Michigan, particularly with a diversity lens. So, please
subscribe to our communiques and forward this first issue to your
family, friends and colleagues to help spread the word about The Imagine
Fund, as we launch our first major scholarship fund raising drive.
Also, we'd be glad to hear from you at [log in to unmask]


Nanette Lee Reynolds, Ed.D.
President & Co-Founder



In This Issue 

Thank You to Our Supporters!

IFund Scholarship Program 


Benefits to Michigan

Meet Board Member Paula Cunningham

About Us

IFund in the News



Cause for concern?

The enrollment of minority students at Michigan's public universities
has already seen a documented decline since passage of Proposal 2.  

(National Center for Educational Statistics - IPEDS site 2003-2008)


  Thank you to our 


 W.K. Kellogg Foundation

which has lent generous financial support from IFund's launch to
implementation of the scholarship process during spring 2010

DTE Energy Foundation


Battle Creek Community  Foundation 

which both shared our early vision and supported our pioneering




AT&T (Michigan) 

Capitol National Bank 
Health Alliance Plan 

Public Policy Associates Inc. 

Steelcase Inc. 

The Remington Group 

and individual supporters!




IFund Scholarship Program:
A Snapshot


During this past spring, The Imagine Fund piloted its scholarship
process and has made several awards for the 2010-11 academic year.  You
will meet the recipients in our next newsletter!  Acknowledgement is due
to the Detroit Health Alliance Plan, Mark & Elizabeth Murray, Laura
Trudeau, and David C. Hollister for supporting IFund with these first
awards.   IFund Signature Scholarships average $5,000 and are "last
dollar" awards for students to leverage other available resources and to
preclude them from incurring private loan debt.


Steelcase, Inc., an international furniture corporation headquartered in
Grand Rapids, has established IFund's first endowed scholarship.  The
Steelcase Scholars award will begin the next academic year.  Steelcase
is committed to cultural acceptance; and donates time, talent and
treasure to programs which specifically focus on things the corporation
values most -- including education, community and economic development. 


Pictured (L to R) are Willard K. Walker, IFund Board Chair, Brian Cloyd,
Steelcase Vice President of Global and Community Relations, and Nanette
Reynolds, IFund President & Co-founder signing the scholarship




The Imagine Fund invites you to join our cause - advancing diversity in
Michigan higher education. Donations can be made to: 

The Imagine Fund
222 North Chestnut Street, Suite 200
 Lansing, MI  48933 
or contact us at [log in to unmask]

Make a Donation
und&last_name=&undefined_quantity=1&[log in to unmask]


We would be pleased to discuss our other options with you, including
hosting a "house party fundraiser" for The Imagine Fund Signature
Scholarship or establishing a personal or corporate named or endowed
scholarship, which IFund will administer.  We ask only that your
criteria be aligned with the IFund focus on diversity, equity and

The Imagine Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  All donations
are tax deductible as allowable by law and at least 80 percent of all
on-line donations go directly to The Imagine Fund Signature


 <> Benefits
to Michigan

A gift to The Imagine Fund's Signature Scholarships will:

*	Translate into a better quality of life for the college graduate
and his/her family 
*	Ensure an educated, competitive and diverse workforce for our
*	Facilitate expanded inclusion and diversity on our Michigan
college campuses 
*	Help move the Michigan economy forward



IFund Board Profile   


Paula D. Cunningham is President & CEO of Capitol National Bank, having
served previously as President of Lansing Community College from
2000-2006.  She served on the Lt. Governor's Commission on Higher
Education and Economic Growth ("Cherry Commission"), whose report to the
governor in December 2004 challenged our state to double the number of
postsecondary degree holders in Michigan within 10 years.  As part of
this goal, Ms. Cunningham feels that IFund will raise awareness so that
"young folks of all colors will understand that they have access and
opportunities to receive a college education."


She believes, further, that lack of access to resources is the greatest
obstacle facing minority students today, in realizing their dream of a
college degree.  This includes financial resources, mentoring, knowing
how to navigate the system and lack of being able to "IMAGINE" what they
can be.  Ms. Cunningham is gratified that there was an immediate
response to Proposal 2, and that she served as the organization's first
board chair.  Formation of The Imagine Fund was affirmation for her that
"people in Michigan have not lost their sense of educational social
justice"; and she feels confident that IFund can be a part of statewide
efforts at expanding college access and success."  



About Us


IFund Board of Directors:

Kenneth Cole - Lansing                                   
Paula D. Cunningham* - Lansing
Brenda L. Hunt - Battle Creek                        
Cirilo Martinez*, JD - Kalamazoo
Richard D. McLellan, JD - East Lansing      
Willard K. Walker* - Lansing
Orian Worden*, PhD - Detroit


Honorary Advisor:  Mark A. Murray - Grand Rapids


Former Board Members: 
C. Patrick Babcock* - Lansing 
David C. Hollister* - Lansing

* Founding Board Members

President and Co-Founder:  Nanette Lee Reynolds, Ed.D.

Volunteer Coordinator & Newsletter Editor:  Liliana Hoyos Stoneback  


IFund in the News... 

Click here
vrtOlFB9h98MWJRQpEIqB7Vv278uTPN29TBJUQH0i2srysyw=>  to read the Lansing
State Journal article about Dr. Reynolds and The Imagine Fund.


Mission Statement
The Imagine Fund exists to ensure access and expand equal opportunity to
higher education for students based on their race, color, sex,
ethnicity, national origin and/or other cultural characteristic.


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