Yes it would be vary appropriate to let folks know about this on the Mich organic listserv. You can take what you have written about the farm and send it to [log in to unmask] 

Please indicate times that are appropriate for persons to contact you so they get through and so they don't disturb you at the wrong time. Also it would be helpful if you indicate the financial arrangement that you are proposing (rent, lease, barter??)
What a great location, boy if I was single... Anyway my girls will be through with school in 4 years and who knows.

All the best
In the mean time, is it planted in a cover crop to keep weeds to a minimum and build the soil??  See article on alfalfa in last listserv (Alfalfa as a pasture, hay or cover crop).

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I have a 10-acre farm between Chelsea and Ann Arbor,  no herbicide or  
pesticide use on the property for at least 23 years, the farm--house,  
barn, paddocks, hayfield, woods-- is for sale.

Would it be appropriate to let people know about the property on this  
site, or would you know of a good way I could inform organic/ 
sustainable farming people about it?

Thanks very much for your time--

Cecily Donnelly
734 660 2037

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