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Urban Gardens Highlight Free "Edible Flint" Tour

July 21, 2010, Flint, MI - Genesee County residents are improving their health, reducing their weekly grocery bill and transforming their neighborhoods by creating urban gardens in both their own yards and on neighboring vacant lots.
The movement to utilize urban properties to produce food is growing nationally, and Genesee County is right in step. The second annual "Edible Flint Food Garden Tour" Thursday, August 12 will offer a close-up look at several of the innovative and inspiring food gardens developed in the Flint area.
Participants will be transported to the garden sites by bus.  The tour is free and open to the public.  Last year's garden tour attracted more than 175 participants, so organizers of the tour added a second bus tour this year as well as a bicycle tour option.

Check-in and food for the tour will begin at 4:30pm at the Flint Farmers' Market, 420 East Boulevard Drive. Buses and bicycles will depart at 5:30pm. Everyone on the tour will be given a light meal made from locally-produced delicacies.

Tour participants will meet local food producers, including some who are growing food year round and raising bees and chickens. They will also see, firsthand, how local residents of all ages are transforming community concerns, such as vacant land, into valuable neighborhood assets.

Immediately following the tour, members of Edible Flint will host an after-glow with live music and dessert at the Flint Farmers' Market.
The entire evening is free, though participants must register in advance. There will be plenty of opportunity for participants to talk with others on the tour and with local growers.  Donations will be accepted and will be used to support food gardening efforts in Flint.
To register for the bus or bike tour, contact Natalie Pruett by August 9, 2010 by calling 810-257-3088 ext. 541 or by e-mail at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

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