The 5 Photo Campaign continues! Phew, photos are coming in from all over the
country, even Oahu! Are there pics of your farmers' market yet?

Add 5 photos of your market or farm to Real Time
Farms<> -
the site is quickly attracting local and nationwide
attention<> -
and we hope to have pictures of every farmers market and farm in the
country. ("A picture is worth a thousand words.") Once you post photos or
encourage market goers to post, these photos can be posted onto your own
site in a live slideshow (you can get the power of the people marketing
fresh, local food for you - how great is that?!). See how it looks on the Ann
Arbor Farmers' Market

Have you seen a skateboarding watermelon recently:
Watch "Make Your Veggies Famous"

In case you haven't heard:

Real Time Farms is an online, live, local food guide that traces your food
from farm to fork.  It is powered by the people; everyone can add and/or
edit information on their local farms and/or markets and discover locally
sourced restaurants in their area.* The mission of Real Time Farms is to
excite and educate people about where they can find fresh, local sources of
food, bringing transparency to the food web.*  We believe that when people
know where their food comes from, it leads naturally to choices that are
healthiest for themselves and the environment.

Cheers to fresh food!

Cara S. Rosaen
Marketing Director, Real Time Farms
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"Make Your Veggies Famous"

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