Hi Jane,

We are not selling to farmers, vendor, or farmers market - we are just
letting people know about a free resource for marketing their farm and/or
farmers market.

I am on the Marketing Committee for MIFMA and I also work on Real Time
Farms, and thought it would be a good thing, for particularly farms to know
about. The website gets the whole community marketing for their own farm.

Best wishes,

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>  Is this an advertisment using mich-organic list serve?...Jane
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> Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 13:52:41 -0400
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> Subject: 5 Photo Campaign! Get Your Local Farms and Farmers' Markets on the
> Map!
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>  Get your local farms and farmers' markets on the map with Real Time Farms
> !
>  Real Time Farms is a crowd-sourced, live, local food guide designed to
> excite, engage, and educate people about where they can find fresh, local
> sources of food. Everyone can contribute by adding and/or editing
> information and pictures to share their excitement and enthusiasm for their
> local market, farm, and/or vendor.
> Join this movement! *Simply post 5 photos of your local market or a local
> farm!*
> "A picture's worth a thousand words"! Motivate and excite other people to
> visit your local markets and farms!
> Why Real Time Farms?
>    - It's the only LIVE, real time marketing site for farms and markets
>    (it's always FRESH)
>    - Anyone can edit and/or add information or pictures to a farm and/or
>    farmers' market page
>    - It's the only marketing tool that uses images as its base;
>    celebrating the life, color, and seasonality of fresh, local food
>    - It's totally free for all farmers' markets, farm stands, and farms
>    across the country
> Passionate about your local farmers market?
> Once you add photos, you can embed a LIVE slideshow of all of the pictures
> being uploaded to your local market's page on Real Time Farms onto your own
> website or blog (so now, the whole community can take pics of your market
> and see them on RTF and on your website)!
> *What people are saying about Real Time Farms*:
> "Real Food! Real Easy! Real Time Farms!
> Mount Clemens Farmers Market always wants our customers to know *where*, *when
> *and *what *is fresh and available at our market and ‘real time’ market
> photos accomplishes that for us.... *each* market day!  It's wonderful
> that RTF has the ability to update our web page slide show as new photos
> are posted.  That's time we can spend waiting on our customers instead!
> Lately, customers have been telling us that they come more often now to the
> MCFM, than they have in the past, because the photos remind them to ‘buy
> local’ and inspire them to make healthier food choices.  Just from a photo
> or two......Amazing! "One picture is worth a thousand words”… has to be
> the ‘inspiration’ for Real Time Farms!" says Pearl, Mount Clemens Farmers
> Market Manager.
> "I am very excited about the launch of Real Time Farms. It's a fantastic
> resource that will help raise awareness of the wonderful diversity of items
> that local producers bring to the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market each week"
> says Molly Notarianni, manager of the Ann Arbor Farmers' Market.
> So, post your 5 photos and get your local farm and/or market on the map!
>  Thank you so much for your time,
>  The Real Time Farms Team
> --
> Cara S. Rosaen
> Marketing Director, Real Time Farms
> 650.814.7796
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