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July 27, 2010


*Organic Soybean and Dry Bean Variety Plots Evaluation Tours*

*When:* Friday, July 30, 2010, from 9:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.


   - *9:00am  Soybeans* - Don Brockriede Farm  field location is  mile
   west of Marathon Road on Hollenbeck Road across the road from the DKB Farm
   processing facility. (About 2 miles north of Columbiaville)
   - *11:00am  Soybeans* - Mark Vollmar Farm  field is located about  mile
   east of Organic Bean & Grain on Akron Road. (About 4 miles east of Akron or
    mile west of Colling Road on Akron Road)
   - *1:15pm  Dry Beans* (Navies & Blacks) - Jim Sattelberg Farm  field
   location is between Akron and Unionville,  mile east of Vassar Road on the
   corner of Dickerson and Rogers Roads
   - *4:30pm  Soybeans* - Tom Nelson Farm  field location is two miles west
   of Shepherd on Blanchard Road then south on Isabella Road 1  miles.

*Why:* Your invited to join other organic producers to view and voice your
preferences about characteristics that are desirable to you (early plant
vigor, plant height, canopy closure, competitiveness, etc). We have a great
opportunity to view and evaluate soybean and dry bean varieties for
ourselves during the growing season.  Over 40 non- GMO soybeans and nearly
40 dry bean varieties are being compared under organic production systems in
our area at multiple sites. These varieties are a mix of tried and true
brands, new industry releases, and experimental lines from university
breeding programs.

Feel free to come to one, two, three or all four of the stops. Call (989)
875-5233 if you what to car pool from Ithaca. Food & Refreshments will be
available at each site

*How:* Event is free of charge, no registration necessary, just show up.

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