Please consider submitting an abstract  for this special session at the 2010 GSA meeting in Denver.  This would be a great way to highlight your program/department’s success so that others may learn from it.   If you have questions, please contact Eric Baer  (Highline Community College) or Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary).

T44 Geoscience Programs at Community Colleges: Models for Success and Innovation.

Community College Geoscience programs are a critical part of the geoscience education system.  Because they serve more than 10 million students currently enrolled in these institutions, they play a critical role in educating the general public and future graduates of colleges, training future K-12 educators and recruiting geoscience majors from a diverse and variable pool.  This session will look at the questions that community college geoscientists face in fulfilling this mission and illustrate successful approaches to fulfilling our diverse mandate.

We are particularly interested in hearing about how you or your program has succeeded in any one of the many facets of geoscience programs at 2-year colleges such as:

·         Recruiting and retaining a diverse student population/broadening participation in the geosciences

·         Educating the broader community in the geosciences

·         Field geoscience education

·         Incorporating new college-level students into research

·         Creating and supporting future geoscience majors

·         Developing strong and supportive relationships with 4-yr schools or other institutions

·         Pre-service or in-service teacher preparation or training

·         Working with other programs to provide interdisciplinary classes or fields of study

·         Preparing students for the workforce in the geosciences (professional-technical training or certification)

·         Maintaining professional currency

·         Teaching to a diversely prepared student population


Conference Dates: October 31- November 3, 2010
Abstract Deadline: August 10, 2010

Session Organizers: Eric Baer  (Highline Community College) and  Heather Macdonald (College of William and Mary)