Call For Papers: Geoscience Education and Global Development   
The Journal of Geoscience Education (JGE) is soliciting manuscripts for a special issue on geoscience education and global development. Please contact special issue associate editors for more information (contact information below). 


Geoscience education is a global endeavor, and  perhaps nowhere is the knowledge of geosciences more closely linked to well being and societal development than in the developing world, where future economic and social conditions will depend on wise and sustainable use of Earth’s resources at all scales, from local to global. Ensuring a geoscience­literate citizenry in developing countries requires that geoscience educators reach a diversity of audiences: school age learners, teachers, university students, policymakers, and the public. However, constraining conditions such as lack of infrastructure, poorly resourced schools, limited information and communication technologies, and unstable economic and political structures mean that geoscience educators in developing countries face different challenges and have different needs from those in developed countries. At the same time, some challenges cut across national and developmental boundaries, for example, teaching geosciences to students in multilingual contexts and addressing the needs of disadvantaged communities. This special issue will focus on work being conducted globally in which geoscience education is a means to develop societies. Papers on the following topics would be welcome: 


1. Descriptions of curricula, instructional strategies, or assessments designed for use in particular social, economic, or political contexts;  
2. Studies of the use of information and communication technologies in under­resourced 
schools or communities;  
3. Comparative research studies evaluating country performance in international tests such as PISA and TIMMs;  
4. Descriptions of developing­developed world partnership models;  
5. Methodologies for the study of geoscience teaching and learning in a developing world context;  
6. Reports on understanding, awareness, and/or attitudes towards the geosciences;  
7. Case studies of successful strategies for teaching geosciences in bi­ or multi­lingual classrooms;  
8. Theoretical papers that focus on the linkages between geosciences education and development. 


Special Associate Editors  
Sharon Locke, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa; [log in to unmask]
Chun­Yen Chang, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan; [log in to unmask] 
Ian McKay, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa; [log in to unmask] 
R Shankar, Mangalore University, India; [log in to unmask] 


Submission Guidelines 
The submission deadline is December 31, 2010. Letters of submission should state that the manuscript is intended for this special issue. Submissions must comply with JGE guidelines, available at: