I was involved in a project looking at affective effects of fieldwork in which we used pre and post questionnaires. We maintained anonymity but kept the potential for pairing by having the students use nicknames. We used t-tests for statistical analysis. Alison Stokes did a similar thing in a later fieldwork project. The references are:

Boyle, A.P., Maguire, S., Martin, A., Milsom, C., Nash, R., Rawlinson, S., Turner, A., Wurthmann, S., and Conchie, S., 2007, Fieldwork is good: the student perception and the affective domain: Journal of Geography in Higher Education, v. 31, p. 299-317.

Stokes, A., and Boyle, A.P., 2009, The undergraduate geoscience field work experience: Influencing factors and implications for learning, in Whitmeyer, S.J., Mogk, D.W., and Pyle, E.J., eds., Field Geology Education: Historical Perspectives and Modern Approaches: Denver, Geological Society of America Special Paper 461, p. 291-312.


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Greetings everyone

I was wondering whether someone could recommend one or two educational
papers, that use pre-and posts tests to assess students achievements
from a program taught (I actually have two post-tests, a long term and
a short term).

I am about to write things up for a scientific paper and I am not sure
whether I should use repeated measurements or two series of t-tests to
analyze the quantitative questions. Does anyone have experience with
this topic? There are just too many papers out there and I am not sure
about their reliability.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you very much