Hi Jeff,

This looks like an interesting instrument.  We are trying to figure out ways to asses our seniors knowledge of various important geologic principals and would like to use it with them.  So yes, please send me the word document and marking rubric.

Thanks, Suzanne

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> Hi everyone,
> I was curious if anyone could recommend a conceptually-based geology
> text for a physical geology class for non-science majors.  I'm
> currently using Marshak (Essentials of Geology 3rd Ed), but find it
> to be more of a collection of geological facts than a conceptual
> approach to the discipline.  I'm not looking for something watered
> down, but a text that presents information as dynamic themes (e.g.
> rock cycle, plate tectonics, etc) or events/processes (e.g. a study
> of the eruption of Mt St Helens, Wegener's scientific reasoning
> towards theory formation).  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
> Thanks, Pete


I am not sure if this is what you are looking for but I developed a
valid and reliable instrument that tests student understanding of
geological time (specifically relative time) known as the Geo-TAT. I
am attaching the papers. If this is something that would be of use to
you please contact me tomorrow and I will send you a WORD version of
it plus the marking rubric (I am working from home and these materials
are available on my work based computer).


Jeff Dodick

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