*MarketMaker Link Producers, Businesses, and Consumers*

Last week’s listserv introduced ** to those
searching for products such as dairy, vegetables, herbs and meat. Market
Maker is not only for consumers but it’s also geared towards producers,
processors, wholesalers, restaurants, farmers’ markets, and wineries (to
find suppliers for food products). If you know the demographics of the
customers who purchase your products MarketMaker can assist you.

1.    Click on “Begin Your Search” on the home page **.

2.    Click on “Find a Target Market” on the search MarketMaker page.

3.    Select the demographics that match your customers from the “market
type” drop-down menu, and then refine your search with the options

4.    Select you Search Location and then click on the “Map It” buttons. You
will generate a map showing density.

5.    Use the tab near the top of the page titled “Find a Business” to
select the type of business you are targeting. Click on the “map It” button
to overlay the businesses on the demographic information on the map and
create a list of those businesses below the map. Use the cursor to outline
areas of the map with higher densities an businesses that meet the search

6.    Click the “Refresh Data” Button to refine the search to a more
specific area and generate a list of the businesses in that area.

Registration for the website is free.

*Putting Michigan Produce on Your Menu: How to Buy and Use Michigan Produce
in Your Institution Booklet Now Available*

 A new booklet is now available, *Putting Michigan Produce on Your Menu: How
to Buy and Use Michigan Produce in Your Institution, *to help food service
professionals at Michigan institutions like schools, hospitals, colleges and
universities purchase, handle, and use Michigan-grown foods year round.  The
booklet provides tools including suggestions for connecting with local
farmers, purchase and use equivalencies, and food safety and storage tips to
help food service professionals find local food sources, purchase
appropriate amounts for larger-quantity recipes, and properly handle and
store fresh produce.

You can download the booklet free at several websites including, Michigan
Farm to School (**), C.S. Mott Group for
Sustainable Food Systems (**) at Michigan State
University, Michigan Food and Farming Systems (MIFFS, **), and
the Michigan Department of Agriculture (*MDA,*).

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