I know that this is really a late reply, but we just planted 1500 hops rhizomes and I will be gowing them organically.  We have 5 different varieties and we should have a harvest late September or early October.

Let me know if you still are looking for a source for organic hops.


Lyle Schmidt
Lyle Schmidt Farms, LLC
24310 Clark Road
Mendon, MI 49072
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Tel: 513-232-9977

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Date: 03/09/2008 11:14 PM
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Subject: Re: Looking for organic herb & hops farmers


I am looking for any organic farmers who grow: hops, heather, horehound, nettles, blessed thistle, alecost, yarrow, milk thistle, or lemon balm. I'm hoping to buy larger quantities in bulk.

Thank you,

Jaclyn Barcroft

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