*MI Market Maker: Local Food Search Engine*

Interested in products such as dairy, vegetables, herbs and meat, but donít
know where to find them? Visit , where you will
find an easy step by step search engine for finding local products.

How to search for products:

1. Go to *www.mimarketmaker.msu*
2. Click on Begin Your Search
3. Select Processor from the drop down list for Business Type
4. Select the Line of Business from the drop down list for Line of
Business.  I suggest you start with Producers/Farmers.
5. From the drop down list for Producer Type, select Specialty Products,
then Other Specialty Product for Product Type (opt.).  You can leave the
rest of optional fields blank or narrow your search if you are looking for
specific attributes.
6. Under the drop down list for Select Search Area, select Zip Code Radius,
put in your zip code and the radius in miles that you want to search.
7. Click on Find a Business
8. You will generate a list of all producers in your search area that sell
specialty products.  Not all of them are necessarily candidates for your
market but some will be
9. Click on the magnifying glass icon under the Action column to access the
profile of the businesses you want to target.  This will give you more
details of their size, contact information, map of the business location,
etc.  If the business has a website, you can go directly to it by clicking
on the icon under the Website column.
10. Do the same search for other business types such as Miscellaneous
11. You can also search for Processors of fruits and vegetables.

*New Farmers Market in Jackson, MI*

The Green Market of Jackson, located at the Allegiance Health Campus (in the
parking lot at the corner of Michigan Ave and State St. diagonally across
from the main hospital) opens Wednesday, May 26, 2010, from 2:30-6:00 p.m.
Itís FREE this year for farmers/vendors. For more information contact Lisa
Brown (517) 812-7057.

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