Yes, I would definitely like a copy! I have been using some of your samples
in my classes and really like them.


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> Hello,
> Jessica Smay and I (Karen Kortz) want to announce the availability of Lecture
> Tutorials for introductory geoscience that we have been researching and
> developing.  Lecture Tutorials are short worksheets that students complete in
> small groups in class as an easy way to make the lecture more interactive.
> They are designed based on research on student learning as well as numerous
> studies of student misconceptions, and we tested them to check that they
> increase student learning (which they do!).
> There are two places where you can download sample Lecture Tutorials.  One set
> is posted on the WH Freeman site at:
> hysical+Geology&isbn=1429253789 (click on Sample Chapter on the left side).
> In addition, other Lecture Tutorials are posted in a module on the SERC
> website at: 
> x.html.  
> The SERC website also includes detailed information about how to use the
> Lecture Tutorials, some strategies and hints, as well as information about the
> research behind their design.  Jessica and I are also available and very happy
> to answer any questions you might have about the Lecture Tutorials.  Please
> email us at the addresses below.
> If you like the Lecture Tutorials, a full workbook with all 37 Lecture
> Tutorials is now available from WH Freeman to order for your class to
> facilitate implementation.  We are happy to help if you have any questions or
> would like a copy.
> Thanks to all who supported us in our research!
> --Karen and Jessica
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