Dear Colleagues,

We are looking to develop a pre-post assessment for our third year 
(junior year) field school students. The field school is two-weeks long 
and consists of two 5-day exercises with a few one-day exercises 
in-between. Last spring these students (during their second year) took a 
one semester-long "Introduction to Field Methods" course followed by a 
week-long field school. You could say that most of them are novice to 
intermediate mappers (mostly novice).

We realize that there are numerous skills associated with geologic field 
mapping and so we were thinking of limiting the pre-post to a few 
open-ended questions focused map-reading, planning for a field exercise 
or maybe exploring reasons to change a field strategy. Any pre-post 
assessment we develop would be in addition to the Purdue Visualization 
of Rotation instrument which will also be used.

Any examples, ideas or suggestions are welcome.

Best Regards,
Joshua Caulkins


Joshua Caulkins
Science Teaching and Learning Fellow
EOS Science Education Initiative
Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of British Columbia
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