We are running a research study of bedrock geologic mapping this August, and are looking for volunteers to participate, especially highly experienced geologists. Please help us out by forwarding the email below to your geology friends, colleagues, and students.


Thank you!




Dear Colleagues and Students:

Our research team, led by Dr. Heather Petcovic and Dr. Julie Libarkin, is working on a project that investigates geological thinking ("geocognition") among student and professional geologists through computer and field-based tasks. We are currently inviting professional geoscientists, undergraduate geoscience students, and graduate geoscience students to participate in a 3-day mapping project near Bozeman, Montana. Minimum qualifications to participate include completed courses in introductory geology, rock and mineral identification, and basic field geology. Students of all levels who meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to apply. We encourage experienced field geologists to apply to the project, but you do not need to be an "expert" mapper to participate!

Participation in the project would require travel to the field site, 1 day of mapping in the Tobacco Root Mountains, a brief interview, and completing 3-4 hours (with breaks) of pencil-and-paper as well as computer-based tasks that examine your spatial ability and memory of geologic diagrams. A stipend, travel, lodging, and meals will be provided to participants with funding from the National Science Foundation. Undergraduate students will receive a $300 stipend, graduate students or professionals with less than 1 year of work experience will receive a $500 stipend, and professional geoscientists with 1 year of more of work experience will receive a $700 stipend.

For additional information about the project and an application form, please visit

We will accept applications until April 30, 2010, or until all available positions are filled.

Thank you,

Heather Petcovic
Julie Libarkin
Heather L. Petcovic
Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences and
The Mallinson Institute for Science Education
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

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