Organic seeds can be ordered from a number of companies. None of us who grow quantities of organic vegetables purchase seeds in packets from local sources. Most of us grow our own transplants.
 Start with Fedco Seeds (, Johnnies Seeds, High Mowing seeds, Search on-line for other companies. I sometimes order from as many as a dozen to get what I want in organic seeds. These are mostly but not always in bulk quantities, it just depends on the amounts I need of particular varieties.
If you can't find sources online you are using a very poor search engine. Google has no trouble finding companies that sell bulk quantities of certified organic seeds.
There are v ery few affordable sources of certified organic transplants in large quantities. That's why we all grow our own. If I had to buy 300 tomato plants at $2.50 each I wouldn't farm.
Pat Whetham
Whetham Organic Farm
Flushing Michigan
In a message dated 3/13/2010 1:47:31 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, [log in to unmask] writes:

Can't seem to find any sources (online or otherwise) for certified organic seeds or transplants for production vegetable farming. Any suggestions? My farm is located in Southeast lower Michigan and I'm running out of time!

NOTE: All I've been able to find thus far are $3.95 seed packets containing "family garden" quantities, and no transplants what so ever. (Don't think anyone would be willing to buy carrots at market for $1 each, do you?)

A great big "thank you" in advance!!

Martha Dopkowski

PS: Thanks everyone for all the sugarbush advice, too!!

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