Hello All - 

We are so excited to be presenting two of the most inspiring people we know at our next two Local Foods Dinners!!

The first one, on Saturday, March 20, from 6 pm until 8:30 pm,  features Steve Tackett, a naturopathic student whose  experiences with conventional medecine led him to find his own very successful alternative answers to healing, and is now working towards a naturopathic degree.  He discusses Reflexology, the body's ability to heal  through connections made at certain parts of the body.  He is also quite knowledgeable about many other alternative therapies, and can discuss these, as well.  Dinner will feature French Onion soup, a hoophouse green salad, spinach or meat pie, and a rich bread pudding for dessert!  Cost is $10 each

The next dinner, on Saturday, April 10, also from 6 pm until 8:30 pm.,  features Peppermint Jim Crosby, with an amazing David and Goliath story of how he, his sister, some friends and a whole community stood together while Greenstone Farm Credit took their farm, and how they all rallied and got it back.  So often,  we see ourselves as small - that we can't affect change, so we don't try - but this story will change you!!  Dinner is a locally grown potato bar, French Onion soup, hoophouse green salad, and of course, chocolate mint ice cream for dessert!  Cost is $15 ea.

Dinners are always first come, first serve, and we try to cut it off at about 35 people - it gets crowded.  If you'd like to attend, just email us back or call at (810) 735-9192.  I have attached a Word copy of both flyers to this email.

We have really enjoyed putting on these Dinners - they are a great way to display beautiful locally produced foods, as well as the power of sharing ideas and building community.  As they have been so popular, we are hoping to continue them into the summer this year, but possibly not until June....  To all of you who have attended in the past, we thank you so much for being a part of it all, and to those who haven't made it to a dinner just yet, keep us in mind for a truly unique and enjoyable night out. 

Have a wonderful Spring!!

Linda and Lee

West Wind Milling and Farm

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