*FREE FGN/VGN WEBINAR:* *High and Low Tunnel Crop Production*

*When: * March 17, 2010, from 1:00-2:00 p.m.
Where:* Online

*Why:* Join Bill Lamont, assistant director for the Center for
Plasticulture, Penn State University and past president of the American
Society of Plasticulture (ASP), and Ron Goldy, Michigan State University
district Extension educator, and current ASP president, for this free
webinar as they discuss:

   -  Different types of high and low tunnels and which crops they work most
   efficiently with
   -  Pest control, irrigation and fertilization methods through the use of
   plastic tunnels in crop production
   -  Other tips for making the most of a tunnel production system

*How:* Cost: Free, Limited to the first 100 registrants. Visit ** under events tab to register.

Questions? Call 616-887-9008, ext. 121, or e-mail
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*Webinar High Tunnel Enhancement*

Be an early bird and register for this informative webinar on high tunnel
enhancement.  Offered by Center for Environmental Farming Systems (CEFS)

*When:* August 25, 2010 at noon.

*Where:* Online
Why:* This webinar will focus on the use of low-cost inner tunnels in cool
weather to increase microclimate temperatures. These microclimate
enhancements have provided significant increases in plant growth and
production capacity.
How:* Cost: Free Visit ** under events tab to

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