Hi Annia,
I second Cathy's recommendation for the Angelo and Cross book - it is an 
incredible resource with a variety of techniques for getting student 
feedback. I think others can point out some useful papers from Journal 
of Geoscience Ed, so I'll point to two websites that have been useful to 
faculty I've worked with (and to me too.)

The first is the FLAG site, which is much like an abridged version of 
Angelo and Cross:

The Vanderbilt Center for Teaching has a fantastic website with short 
summaries of useful information on many aspects of teaching/learning and 
with links to other sites and published papers; the link here is for 
their "Classroom Assessment Techniques" page, with short descriptions of 
CATs and links to examples:


Annia Fayon wrote:
> Colleagues -
> Does anyone know of a couple of key resources (textbooks, journal 
> articles) on how to assess student learning and student development in 
> Earth sciences or the sciences in general at the postsecondary level?  
> I am aware of the serc website and the geoscience concepts inventory 
> to assess content knowledge in general geology courses. I am looking 
> more for key references on how to design assessment tools.
> Thanks!
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