Hello, all!

I teach a graduate class for in-service teachers, Geology for Educators, that is a review of the earth science content in the New Mexico education benchmarks and standards plus how to teach that content through inquiry or guided inquiry.  The class is part of NMSU's Master of Arts in Teaching Science degree program.

I'm interested in talking with other people working in this area.

Nancy McMillan

Nancy J. McMillan, Ph.D., AOJN
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Email David if you know of a "Geoscience By Inquiry" or similar curriculum. I think I've heard of someone working on this, but can't remember who!

CC the list, too, if you don't mind - I'd like to know!

Take care

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Subject: geoscience courses for elementary teachers


Are there any curricula available for geoscience courses specifically designed for preservice elementary teachers? I'm thinking about something that would be analogous to Physics by Inquiry, or Physics and Everyday Thinking. Do you know people who are teaching such courses in earth and/or space science?

 -- David