The paper listed below is available through the Professional Development Collection database on EBSCO.  Most university and community college libraries should have access.
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Hi David,

I just so happen to have a paper sitting on my desk that I've been meaning to read which just might lead you to what you are looking for.

Edelson, D. C., Gordin, D. N., & Pea, R. D. (1999). Addressing the Challenges of Inquiry-Based Learning through Technology and Curriculum Design. The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 8(3/4), 391-450.

Quote from the abstract:
"We have been exploring these challenges through a program of research on the use of scientific visualization technologies to support inquiry-based learning in the geosciences."

Hope this helps.

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Email David if you know of a "Geoscience By Inquiry" or similar curriculum. I think I've heard of someone working on this, but can't remember who!

CC the list, too, if you don't mind - I'd like to know!

Take care

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Subject: geoscience courses for elementary teachers


Are there any curricula available for geoscience courses specifically designed for preservice elementary teachers? I'm thinking about something that would be analogous to Physics by Inquiry, or Physics and Everyday Thinking. Do you know people who are teaching such courses in earth and/or space science?

-- David