Do any of you have experience with OMRI oked fungicide; Contans?? See below and hope you can share any experience you have with this fungicide.





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Subject: Sclerotinia on tomatoes in High Tunnels




I am not a veg specialist but I do appreciate the opportunity to keep up with some of the discussions of this group.


Would like to pose a question...


I have a local commercial grower producing fresh market tomatoes under high tunnel culture


This year he experienced some losses from Sclerotinia...while “minor” this year...he is concerned about the potential for increase in the 2010 season.


He is seeking control options.


Seems most/all soil fumigants are not appropriate for this production that true?


He has had one product brought to his attention as an option Contans marketed by Advans LLC

It apparently is a biological product that is OMRI approved...Does anyone have experience with this

Type of product or have other suggestions that I might share...


Many thanks


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