I'm a grad student in the Technical Communication program at N.C. State,
working on a research assignment about educational materials for farmers
transitioning from conventional to organic farming.

**If you are a practicing farmer who is transitioning/has transitioned, I
would GREATLY appreciate your responses to my online survey (link below) -
ideally completed by Tuesday, December 1.**

The survey will remain open until Dec. 11, but I would like to include as
many responses as possible in my class presentation on Dec. 3. Later
responses will be incorporated into the project paper, due Dec. 17.

I apologize for the rush request, and for asking this of you during a
holiday weekend. I would have made the request sooner, but a snag in my
research put me a bit behind schedule!

Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments.
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Thank you in advance!

Karen Rhodes

PS: I'm new to this listserv, and haven't learned the ropes yet. If asking
for survey participation is outside the accepted boundaries of listserv
activity, please forgive me and just ignore this e-mail! Thanks!

Karen Rhodes
M.S. Candidate, Technical Communication
N.C. State University
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