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Subject: GRANTS ANNOUNCED: Increasing College Access 


Michigan's future is a matter of education. 


But for too many of Michigan's residents, a college education is a
matter of overcoming some formidable barriers... of expectations, of
preparation, of affordability, and more.


Recently, The Kresge Foundation awarded a $1 million, multi-part grant
with a single focus: Making postsecondary education more accessible in
Michigan-particularly among low-income and/or first-generation college


This funding, available through Michigan College Access Network
<>  (MCAN) and Council of Michigan
Foundations <>  (CMF), includes: 


1.	Planning Grants <>  (up
to $8,000) to facilitate the initial process to develop a college access
program. Each one-time grant is intended to help a community determine
local college access needs and design an implementation plan for
starting a college access program.  


2.	Startup Grants <>  (up
to $50,000) to invest in new college access organizations. Each one-time
grant will assist with direct program and operating costs-such as
budgeting, staffing, training, organizing, etc. 


3.	Expansion Grants <>
(up to $25,000) to support existing programs with track records of
success by enhancing operations, programming, and/or marketing
capabilities. MCAN can work with college access organizations to
leverage state-wide initiatives including the Michigan College Access
Portal, KnowHow2Go campaign, professional development and other tools. 


4.	Community Foundation Challenge Grants
<>  (up to $50,000) to
encourage community foundations to partner, strengthen and sustain their
local college access effort. These challenge grants are available to
Michigan community foundations that are in compliance with National
Standards for U.S. Community Foundations. To qualify, a community
foundation must also receive or partner with a recipient of an MCAN
Planning Grant, Startup Grant or Expansion Grant.


Planning, Startup and Expansion Grants are administered by Michigan
College Access Network <> . Community
Foundation Challenge Grants are administered by Council of Michigan
Foundations <> . 


On November 15, interested organizations are encouraged to take part in
a Prospective Applicant Meeting
<>  to gather
details and ask questions about this opportunity. The meeting takes
place in Ann Arbor as a pre-conference session of the Pre-College and
Youth Outreach Conference. 


You can learn more about the meeting and the grants at <> . 


I hope you'll consider taking part in this opportunity to bring
college-and a brighter future-within reach.


Don't hesitate to contact me with questions.


Brandy Johnson-Faith
College Access Coordinator
Policy Division
Office of Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
(517) 335-5113
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