Hey readers this is a great chance to see different cover crops and
compare their qualities. They were planted in late summer and so you can
see what they are doing now, so you can see which one(s) fit into your
system. This is probably your last chance to stomp around in a field
till next year so better come while you can. Always a great way to meet
someone doing what you are and work together or get new ideas!!
Hope to see you there. 

Vicki Morrone
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Subject: A Mid-Michigan Grazing Group meeting in November??


As always, it has been a pleasure to meet with you at various
pasture-walks during the 2009 grazing season. Based on what you see out
your window, you might be surprised that we are scheduling one final
Mid-Michigan Grazing Group meeting for November 12!  The topic: "Making
the Most of Wheat Stubble."

We will be touring some large replicated plots where twenty
species/combinations of cover crops have been established in wheat
stubble.  Some of these species include: annual ryegrass, crimson
clover, oats, fall rye, fall triticale, spring triticale, chickling
vetch, forage turnips, radish, Canadian field peas (spring peas), and
Austrian winter peas. At this meeting, we will tour the plots and
discuss establishment, management, and how these species can serve as
cover crops and/or serve as excellent quality late-season pasture on
acreage that otherwise would be idle from mid-July through April.  

Date/Time: November 12 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. 
Location: 1/4 mile east of the intersection of Plains Road and Tuttle
Road in Mason, MI:
Cost: Free
Bring: boots and generally warm clothing

Please e-mail or call if you plan to attend.

Have a great afternoon!


Daniel Hudson
Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator Ingham County MSU Extension
121 E. Maple Street
P.O. Box 319
Mason, MI  48854

Office Phone: 517-676-7207 ext 7291

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