This just in from Dan Hudson, MSUE agronomic crops educator in Ingham
County. If you grow corn or soybean you may want to read this.

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Subject: Implications of frost for corn and soybeans

Ag Clients,

Since we are expecting frost tonight, I want to pass along some
information that will help you to anticipate how tonight's temperatures
might affect yield and test weight of corn and soybeans.  Some fields
have already black layered, and I was at one field late last week that
looked beautiful, but was just starting to dent.  

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I will refer you to several resources
that spell it out quite clearly.  I will preface this by saying that
this is not Michigan data, but the principles are general enough that I
am confident that they apply to us:

Table 1-29. Estimated Risks to Grain Corn Yield and Quality From
Late-Season Frost Damage 

Guidelines for Handling Corn Damaged by Frost Prior to Grain Maturity 

Potential Yield Losses in Corn From Fall Frost Damage 

Assessing Frost Damage in Soybeans 

Ontario perspective on soybeans damaged by frost

You will notice some variability in their estimates of yield loss due to
frost at various stages, but they are fairly close. 

It is supposed to get down to 28 degrees tonight, but what matters is
the temperature in the canopy.  Zero degrees will kill the leaves, 28
will kill the whole plant, but how long those temperatures last will
affect this somewhat.  The low temperature will occur around 7:00 a.m.

If you have e-mail but no access to internet, please contact us and we
can print off some of these resources for you.

Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.


Dan Hudson

Daniel Hudson
Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator
Ingham County MSU Extension
121 E. Maple Street
P.O. Box 319
Mason, MI  48854

Office Phone: 517-676-7207 ext 7291

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