Below is a link to an announcement from the United States Department of Education requesting applications from individuals to serve as Panel Reviewers for “Race to the Top” grant applications.




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Tuesday, September 08, 2009 1:04 PM
To: Adam Green; Kerry Davidson; Nira Coleman-Johnson; Robert Feir; Charlotte Curtis; Laverne Ellerbe;
Redmond, Rudy (DELEG); Price, Sheree (DELEG); Teena Olszewski; Alice Roberson; Arthur Poole; Bonnie Dockry; BrianDulay; Charles Shahid; David Stockford; Fausto Lopez; Karen Scott; Kathryn Markovchick; Kevin Ingram; Laurie Miller; LindaShiller; Mary Lou Dresbach; Michelle Johnson; Rae McPherson; Robert Dais; Sandra Merdinger; Scott Mendelsberg; Seana Murphy; Weiya Liang; William Formicola
Subject: Panel Reviewers Needed