Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Letís advance education research together!  Julie Libarkin1, Douglas Duncan2, and I3  would like to invite you to submit an abstract for a session that we are organizing for the American Geophysical Unionís (AGU) Fall Meeting in San Francisco (December 14-18, 2009).  Please see the session title and description below. 
The deadline for abstract submission is September 3rd, 2009.  We look forward to hearing from you! 
Title of Session:
ED 14. Geocognition and Geoscience Education Research: Why Do It, Who Does It, What Academic Departments Support It, and What Geoscience Community Support Can Guide the Development of New Geoscience Education Research Programs?
Description of Session:
Geocognition and geoscience education research is an emerging field of research that uses quantitative and qualitative methods to further our understanding of how students and experts perceive, learn, and apply geological principles and concepts. At least 18 U.S. universities now offer graduate programs engaged in this kind of research, and there exists interest among other institutions in developing similar programs. Abstracts are solicited from institutions in which this kind of research is currently being conducted in earth and/or space sciences. Abstracts should discuss the history of the inception of the research program, major programmatic and research results achieved thus far, and how the program is currently sustained. The session is intended as a forum for learning how existing programs were conceived and operate and for dialogue between those in existing programs and those considering the development of such programs.
Website for AGU Fall Meeting:
Warm Regards,
Leilani Arthurs
Doug Duncan and Julie Libarkin
1 Michigan State University, Department of Geological Sciences
2 University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Astrophysical & Planetary Sciences
3 University of Colorado at Boulder, Department of Geological Sciences

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