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While not as popular as the Flip, the Kodak Zi6 has been reviewed as the better option-it's the one I would buy in your situation. It's easy to copy movies over to your computer through USB in the standard Quicktime MOV file format, it's easy to view with the free Quicktime player. If you want to edit, most video editing can import these files. Here's a review:

I haven't tried it out personally, but I've done a lot of video recording for educational research purposes and wish this easy to use option was around in my graduate days. MiniDV is a pain, it takes a long time just to copy it over, convert it, and then edit it.


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I am in the market for a new video camera for research. It will mainly be used to record interviews, so I dont need super high quality audio or video (no Hi-Def). Im looking in the $500 and under range. Needs to be Windows XP compatible.

My main concern is that the camera records in a format that is easy to edit and transfer to other programs. I currently have an older model JVC Everio, and have found that it is next to impossible to get the videos to play in any programs other than what came with the camera (e.g., they wont play in Quicktime or Media Player). Im hoping to avoid this problem with the new camera.

Any recommended brands and models, or brands/models to avoid?

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