With the abstracts deadline for GSA coming up soon, I am resending an invitation that I sent out this spring and asking that you forward it to your members.  Please note that a significant change since the invitation was last sent is that we at Portland Community College submitted to NSF a proposal to fund 24 community college instructors and students attending GSA and presenting at this session.  NSF seems to be very interested in finding more ways to support community college earth science, since they strongly encouraged us to submit a proposal with the caveat that session presenters and conveners meet with NSF staff to discuss ways to better support community college earth science.  Our proposal is in the recommended phase, so funding looks quite promising.  If any of your members are interested in speaking or presenting a poster and need support to attend the conference, please encourage them to submit an abstract even though funding is not guaranteed.  They can submit an abstract without registering for the conference first.

Thank you

Frank D. Granshaw
Earth Science Instructor
Portland Community College
Sylvania Campus
Portland, OR


Dear NAGT, GSA GED, AISES, AWG, NABGG, and MAES leaders...

The purpose of this email is to ask you to include the following announcement in your newsletters.

Announcing a technical session to be held at the upcoming GSA conference in Portland Oregon (October 18-21, 2009).  This session, T104. Geoscience Programs at Community Colleges: Models for Success and Innovation, will highlight a variety of programs and how they successfully achieve their goals.  Among the issues which may be discussed are the following...
What makes for a strong community college earth science program.
The focus of these programs - Career training, geoscience literacy, or both.
Strategies for helping students become geoscience literate.     
How community college earth science department encourage and prepare geoscience majors.     
The role of university - community college and high school-community college collaborations.
How community college geoscience programs relate to the vocational programs in their own institutions.
The role of community college geoscience courses have in providing science background for future teachers.
How professional networks enhance the mission of community college geoscience program.      
How community college geoscience departments mentor the many adjunct faculty that they employ.

If you are a community college geoscience educator or university or high-school staff involved with a community college earth science program we encourage you to attend this program.  If you are a geoscience educator having experience with any of the issues that we've listed we strongly encourage you to submit an abstract (abstract deadlines are August 11, 2009).  If you have questions or additional ideas please feel free to contact either of us.

Frank D. Granshaw (Portland Community College, Portland OR)
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Eric Baer (Highline Community College, Des Moines WA)
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Session co-chairs