Michigan Organic Events!

   Organic Apple Field Day, June 25 at Al-Mar Orchards in Flushing, MI

Thursday June 25, 2009 an Organic Apple Field day will be hosted by Jim and
Karen Koan of Al-Mar Orchards, and sponsored by the Organic Tree Fruit
Growers Association.  The program will focus on the Orchards’ high-density
planting system and orchard equipment.  Mr. Koan will show his three-year
soil preparation program as well as orchard spacing, details of choosing
disease resistant varieties, and insect pest and disease control. The Koan’s
will provide a tour of their facilities to include their apple operation,
packing line, and discuss how to access newer, local markets that have
increased their business. **

Optional tours will cover the organic hops research, organic green house
vegetable and compost production, and organic swine production.

Advanced registration is required by June 16 along with a $20 registration
fee. An on-farm lunch will be provided that features Al-Mar Orchards
products and other local, organic foods.

The registration form is available at, or by contacting Deirdre
at [log in to unmask] or 608-967-2362.

    Pasture Walk Dates

·         May 21 A Pasture Walk will be held at the Mott Farm in Olivet.
Topics include seeding strategies and livestock watering systems. For more
information call St. Joseph County MSU Extension at 269-467-5511.

·         June 3 A Pasture Walk will be held at the Tirrel Farm in
Charlotte. Intensive rotational grazing of sheep.  Please RSVP: 517-676-7207
or [log in to unmask]

·         Late-June (day TBD): MSU Wheat Variety Trial Plot the MSU Wheat
Variety Plots. RSVP: 517-676-7202.

·         July1: The 2009 MSU Weed Tour will be held at the Michigan State
University Crop and Soil Sciences Teaching and Researching Field Lab. The
field lab is located on the corner of Mt. Hope and Beaumont roads in East
Lansing, MI. Stay tuned for registration information.

·         July (day TBD): Agricultural Innovations Tour Cover crop progress,
nitrogen rates for corn, ‘Modified Relay-Intercropping,’ MSU Wheat Variety
Trial, and alternative crops. RSVP: 517-676-7202 or [log in to unmask]

·         July (day TBD) A Pasture Walk will be held at the Berrey farm in
Mason, MI. Grass-fed production and management-intensive grazing. RSVP:
517-676-7207 or [log in to unmask]

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