Michigan Organic NEWS!!

1.      Poison Ivy Prevention

Before attacking a patch of Poison Ivy (PI) to physically remove it, spray it down with a 10% solution of sudsy ammonia to counteract the acidic urushiol.

Dressing up in a disposable tyvek jumpsuit is also highly advised, as well as spraying your boots and gloves (before and after) with the ammonia solution. Tape around glove/sleeve, and boot/pants “interface”.

Nitrile disposable gloves under a set of leather gloves is also advised., as well as eye protection, and cover skin on your face, arms, hands, ankles/lower legs with “IVY BLOCK” before putting on protective clothing.

2.      Organic Vegetable Production Guides

Cornell University has put out 4 organic vegetable production guides which can be downloaded at http://nysipm.cornell.edu/organic_guide.  These first four guides are for processing carrots, peas, snap beans, cucumbers and winter squash. You may also visit www.michiganorganic.msu.edu to download the guides.

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