Michigan Organic NEWS!!

1.      Poison Ivy Prevention

Before attacking a patch of Poison Ivy (PI) to physically remove it, spray it down with a 10% solution of sudsy ammonia to counteract the acidic urushiol.

Dressing up in a disposable tyvek jumpsuit is also highly advised, as well as spraying your boots and gloves (before and after) with the ammonia solution. Tape around glove/sleeve, and boot/pants “interface”.

Nitrile disposable gloves under a set of leather gloves is also advised., as well as eye protection, and cover skin on your face, arms, hands, ankles/lower legs with “IVY BLOCK” before putting on protective clothing.

2.      Organic Vegetable Production Guides

Cornell University has put out 4 organic vegetable production guides which can be downloaded at  These first four guides are for processing carrots, peas, snap beans, cucumbers and winter squash. You may also visit to download the guides.

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