On behalf of Brandy Johnson-Faith, I am sending you the attached PDF version of the article "Governor Granholm Unveils Plan to Create the Michigan College Access Network," published by Michigan Banker. As the article indicates, "Governor Jennifer M. Granholm is the first to recognize the undeniable link between education and economic health."  and "Creating a culture of college in Michigan is a top priority and was truly brought to the forefront of the education dialogue with the release of the final report of Lt. Governor’s Cherry Commission on Higher Education & Economic Growth."
We would very much appreciate it if you could incorporate a copy of this PDF in your Web site, as well as sending it through a targeted e-mail to all of the people that you consider pertinent, to ensure a thorough dissemination of this collaborative approach to providing comprehensive and integrated college access services through the Michigan College Access Network (MCAN).  As you all know, MCAN includes educators, business leaders, political officials, community organizations, non-profits, faith-based organizations, philanthropists, parents and students working together to ensure that Michigan's young people reach their full potential.  
Reprints of the magazine may be provided to you for additional promotional efforts.  Thank you in advance for your kind attention.
See you at 11:00 AM.