*Farms Selling To Schools*

* *
April 29, 2009
10 am - 3 pm
Mid Michigan Community College
Houghton Room

10:00   *Program Introduction:*
             Kable Thurlow/Melody Wentworth

10:10   *The Farm To School Initiative
*             Colleen Matts; CS Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems at
Michigan State


11:15   *Schools' Expectations of Vendors*
            Janet Nettleton; Gladwin Community Schools

11:30   *Food Safety and Sanitation*
            Jason Travis; Health Department

12:00   *Business Information for Producers
*            Dennis Stein; MSU Extension


1:00     *Insurance Considerations*
            Jay Kleinhardt/Duane Simpkins;
            Farm Bureau Insurance

1:30     *Farmers Panel and Q & A
*            Hear from those who are successfully
            selling to schools

3:00     *Next Steps Evaluations, Networking,

*can be purchased at the cafeteria or brown-bagged

*RSVP by April 27, 2009
Kable Thurlow; MSU Extension
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Melody Wentworth; MTEC
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