1.      New articles posted for the New Agriculture Network

Check out for new agriculture articles such as:

   - Weed hosts of soybean cyst nematodes
   - Tomato diseases in greenhouses
   - Greenhouse air quality

2.      Organic Census of Agriculture survey

The USDA is conducting an Organic Census of Agriculture survey to learn more
about how the growth of organic farming is changing the face of U.S.
agriculture. The survey will look at many aspects of organic farming during
the 2008 calendar year- from production and marketing practices, to income
and expenses. It will focus on operations that are currently engaged in
organic productions, as well as those making the transition to organic
agriculture. The National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) will mail
the survey in early May to all known organic producers in the U.S., and they
are required to respond by June 17, 2009. Participants can mail their forms,
but are encouraged to complete the survey by internet. NASS will publish
results in winter 2009.

Survey participants are guaranteed by law (Title 7, U.S. Code) that their
individual information will be kept confidential. NASS uses the information
only for statistical purposes and publishes data only in tabulated totals.
For more information about the Organic Production Survey, visit or call (800) 453-7501.
   3.   "Voices of Experience3" video series

 Cornell University is launching an innovative, online video series "Voices
of Experience" that will help agricultural entrepreneurs successfully launch
new farms in NY State. Although this series targets NY State, MI is in the
same USDA 4 and 5 zones as well as having similar climate and Great Lake
effects.  The video series covers essential topics such as, financing farm
start-ups, marketing, profitability and goal settings. In the series are
actual farmers who have successfully started their own farm businesses.
"Voices of Experience" online videos are available at the Beginning Farmer
Project Web site:

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