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I am looking for three items of information that I am hoping some of you may be able to help me with.  The first of these is your favorite quote regarding the importance of fieldwork in constructing geoscience knowledge.  One that I've found thus far comes from Rob Butler's "Teaching Geoscience through Fieldwork"

It is quite possible to acquire a considerable knowledge of Geology by the mere intelligent perusal of text-books. Without having engaged in practical work, one may even learn to read a geological map, and come to understand in a general way the structure of the region it portrays. Knowledge obtained in this fashion, however, is necessarily superficial, and can never supply the place of personal observation or study in the field. 
James Geikie (1912)

While this one does a pretty good job explaining the importance of fieldwork to geology education, it misses the mark in terms of the importance of fieldwork in constructing the body of knowledge.  The other two items I'm looking for are references regarding the nature and frequency of fieldwork in K-16 classrooms and in teacher education in geoscience.  Most of what I'm finding here seems to be for the UK, which is interesting, but not very useful when talking to folks here in the states.

Thanks for whatever info you might be able to send in my direction
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