Yes, it would be handy to have somebody to clarify all this, i'm slowly reading the whole thing and despite the fact that i'm not stupid theirs a lot that is better understood by someone who is into all this legal talking.
Further more, depending on USDA / MDA, i'm sorry but i've tried that. You'll be send from one person to another and by the time you think you've got the right one it's to late.
I'm going to try, in between my farm work, two jobs and writing a ssop/ dealing with the health department for my new bakery, to find some time to Google pro bono organizations who can, on short notice "dismember" this bill and give the highlights for small farmers or even better some legal advice.
But if some one has a bit more hours in the day, please do use them.
Google is free and very handy !
Further more i'm very disappointed in the fact that their is only a hand full of people who think that this is an issue. According to the latest email from Vicki their are 350 + readers.
I'm kinda expecting my in box being flooded about this ! (or is that to much of an expectation ?) This will effect all of you !
Anyhow, for now, off to more reading and writing.
Have a great weekend.
Chris Reijmerink
Kismet Organics

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